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2021 Ash Wednesday Observances

Ash Wednesday (February 17) will be here before we know it.

Last year, we celebrated this significant day together at an in-person service of worship. It was just a few weeks later that we ceased being together in person for worship due to the coronavirus.

This year, we celebrate Ash Wednesday still under the weight of the pandemic. As such, it will be a service with a few new rituals and ways of observing.

On Wednesday, February 17, you can observe Ash Wednesday in the following ways:

From 12:00 noon until 1:00pm or from 5:00pm to 6:00pm, you can receive the Imposition of Ashes (please wear a face covering), along with a blessing and prayer.

Drive through the north parking lot of the church. There, you will be greeted by either Pr. Chuck or Pr. Susan. If you choose not to receive ashes at that time, we will have ashes you can take home with you. You can follow along with an online liturgy (see below) and partake in the imposition of ashes in your own home.

There will also be a slightly different Ash Wednesday Service available to be picked up on paper at this time.

Designed for those who do not have internet capabilities, you may take this service and ashes home with you to celebrate Ash Wednesday.

Savannah will be available at the same time to distribute a Family Lent Bag for our Messiah households with children.

It is filled with ideas and activities for celebrating the forty days of Lent as a family.

At 7:00pm on Ash Wednesday, there will be a simple, online service available for households to hear scriptures and prayers.

During this service, those who took ashes home with them will be able to spend some time placing the ashes on the foreheads of those in the household.

On each Wednesday during the season of Lent, there will be a Lenten Midweek Service available on the website and through social media.

Also, in honor of our traditional soup suppers, there will be a featured “Soup of the Week” available on Constant Contact.

Keep an eye open for more information about celebrating the blessings of the season of Lent.

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