Call Committee

At its September 17, 2020 meeting, the Messiah Church Council approved a motion to begin a call process.

Based on the recommendation of the Faith Formation Task Force and the Executive/Personnel Team, the council approved the following:

call process

Call Process Updates

Transition Team Survey & Meetings

We are entering a new phase in our shared ministry as we respond to the recommendation of the Faith Formation Task Force to call an associate pastor with a primary […]


Initiate a Call Process

Based on the recommendation of the task force and the conversation with the personnel team, the recommendation is to go with an Associate Pastor. Move to initiate a call process for a full-time Associate Pastor with the Southwest Washington Synod using the Faith Formation Task Force report as a guiding source. [Harris/Carlsen] Motion passed.

The Next Steps

Meet with the Associate to the Bishop in early October to receive an overview of a call process.

Task a group within Messiah to complete a Ministry Site Profile. This would go to the synod to help them determine a list of names of potential candidates to interview.

The council would then appoint a call committee at either the October or November church council meeting. This would be six people with one alternate.

If this happened on this timeline, we would begin to receive candidate names in early 2021.

Our hope would be to interview, extend a call, have it accepted, and have a new associate pastor join our staff sometime between
April 15 – July 15.