We have never experienced a year like the one we are currently living in.

In-person worship and other gatherings canceled, learning to provide worship and other experiences online, and caring for one another from a distance, just to name a few.  At the same time, God has very clearly been active in our life together.  Here are just a few of the ways in which you have shared with us:

“During the pandemic, I’m reminded more than ever of our need to connect with God by connecting with his people. 

Despite being denied in-person connections with each other, we have not stopped communicating.  We have learned and adapted with technology.  We have added to our communication options, and we've extended our reach.  My hope is that we continue to use and improve these new ways to connect with each other and with God."                                                                                               

Dave F.

“I have been so blessed to see how Messiah’s ministry has grown through our online church services.

I’m so excited to see what growth God has planned for us in 2021.”  

Janene N.

"Seeing all the people in the community that Messiah helps during the Community Meal, Food Bank, and Christmas Hampers is really inspirational.

I also really look forward to the worship and music each Sunday at Messiah."

Duane G.

“In the start of this year, we could not have predicted the challenges that Messiah Lutheran would be facing.

It is not just a time for MLC to survive, but to thrive! I am excited that MLC will reemerge again and will be stronger than before. Get ready!”

Charlie R.

"The last five months have been trying. 

So many concerns, both locally and globally, have come to the fore.  COVID, social justice, economic uncertainty, wildfires to name a few. Our daily routine has been altered. The nightly news is more unsettling than ever. Amid these uncertainties and challenges, I've found it more important than ever to listen intently to the scripture and message on Sunday mornings.  It helps me to stay centered and reinforces the importance of faith and God's grace. I give thanks for Messiah."                          

Ross C.

What a beautiful community we are part of!

God is certainly active here and we look forward to how we can help keep this ministry vibrant in the coming year

In Christ,

Senior Pastor Chuck Harris

Seek in Prayer God's Will for Your Giving

What do we tend to do when the church asks for our support?

The common tendency is to consult our spouse, our budget, our bills, our income, our tax situation, our investments, our accountant, etc., and then determine what we can afford or spare.



Instead we should as Christians seek to discover what God’s will is for us in our giving.

A Christian pledge can really only be made on our knees, seeking God’s will in fervent prayer.

Prayer is an integral part of the Christian life.

The decision on how much to give should not be made without seeking first in prayer what God would have us do and listening for the voice of God in the prayer conversation.

Giving to the church is not a financial transaction.

Instead, giving to the church is a spiritual exercise undertaken only after conversation with God.