As we at Messiah return our Statements of Intent this week, we continue to learn what it means to Build a Culture of Generosity.

This journey into a deeper generosity is rooted in the faith that all we have, all we will ever have, is actually being provided to us in order that we might share it for the good of others. To give is to live!

Life in a culture of generosity is based on a strange truth: Learning to give all you have is the path to experiencing profound fullness and joy, as if what you receive is indeed incomparable to what you give.

Jesus says it this way: Those who find their life will lose it, and those who lose their life for my sake will find it (Matthew 10:39).

As you prayerfully discern your Statement of Intent for 2021, remember that twelve Messiah households have committed an extra $10,310 in giving if Messiah receives 113 Statements of Intent or more for 2021.

This generous, above-and-beyond, gift is a an expression of love for Messiah and our ministry, as well as an encouragement to consistent, intentional giving.

Statements of Intent can be dropped off at the church, through the mail slot on the north side of our building; mailed directly to Messiah, or emailed back to Messiah by using the electronic giving form found HERE.

Thank you for taking this time to participate in Building a Culture of Generosity!