Blessing of the Statements of Intent

As summer's breeze becomes a distant memory, and the days grow short and the breeze turns chill

As bright moonlight rays dance throughout the night, and browning leaves, once green, glide to earth

As morning mists, autumn chill, and falling fruit declare that first cold kiss of winter's frost 

As all these things happen, we receive these gifts of intent: the result of God's gracious blessing

Bless these gifts, O God, and make them a sign of Your bounty

Continue to stir within the hearts of your people the desire to live graciously and share a portion of Your abundance with others

Fix in our hearts and minds a trust in Your steadfast provisioning of our lives, as we joyfully gather what You daily provide

Make us aware that all is Yours, and what we acquire is ours, to steward, for only a very brief time

By Your Spirit, continue to move the people of Messiah to make public their trust in You through the sharing of these statements of intent

Make these declarations now holy to You and inspiring to us. Amen

It's not about the amount of money. It's about making public what's on your heart.