I write this letter as both the council secretary and a member of the Messiah Lutheran Church Endowment Committee.

I am so proud of the work that the Messiah staff has done to continue worship through this pandemic. However, we also recognize that for the staff, it has been a huge learning curve and we did not have the equipment necessary to fully implement online worship.

The staff, with the support of the council, submitted two proposals to the endowment committee for help in this work.

The endowment committee was so pleased to be able to fund both of these proposals that will bring enhancements to worship. What does that mean? Our wi-fi in the church building will be upgraded. We will have new equipment to so our cameras and sound boards can speak with each other. We will have new upgraded computers dedicated to putting together the worship services. And we will have six iPads that our pastors and care team can use when they go out to visit members who don’t have internet and/or computers so that they can watch worship. We look forward to sharing more in the coming weeks and months as this equipment is installed.

We are so grateful as an endowment committee for those who came before us and helped to raise and steward the funds that we have to spend today.

Thank you, Messiah!

Anne Baunach

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