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Council Corner – Charlie Radabaugh

Family and friends of Messiah,

We had been moving forward in our regathering plans here at Messiah, and because of the Delta variant, we have had to take a couple of steps back. We often say, I hope that it gets better, I hope the number of infections goes down, I hope that more people will get the vaccine. Then we can get back to normal.

Clearly, what is hoped for may or may not come to pass. The hope of believers, however, is more than a desire or a wish. It’s an unshakable confidence in God — even when circumstances give us every reason to doubt.          

Oftentimes we get so caught up by the “big” things in life, we forget that to get to the big thing; we need to pass through a lot of small things. A simple example could be to be become debt free by paying off all your debt, you may not be able to pay off all of your debt in one day, one week, or in one month. But as you discipline yourself with your money management, little by little, you will pay off your debt, in due time, you will become debt free.

The same is true of renovating a new house, fixing up an old car, advancing towards a promotion, establishing a marriage and the list goes on and on. We must remember that in the Bible there are many stories about His plans taking time. Abraham – waiting for a promise to be fulfilled, Joseph – waiting in prison for a purpose, Job – waiting through suffering, David – waiting to be King at the appointed time, and Jesus – waiting to begin his ministry. Waiting, waiting and more waiting.

So, here we are, what do we do next, what is the next small step forward?

Well first, I’m reaching out to you now – today. I want you to know that we’ve missed you! We really have. I invite you to come to church…  this may seem like an odd request and not like a step at all, hear me out. I think it is important that we put a focus on bringing back our relationships.  You were created to worship God as a community, there is something that God put deep within our souls that needs us to be in fellowship with other believers. The Bible instructs us to gather to worship. In essence… Come to church because God wants you to. 


Charlie Radabaugh

Council President

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