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Council Corner – Charlie Radabaugh

Dear Messiah Friends and Family,

I think it’s time to let you all in on something I don’t tell everyone. I hold this truth close to my chest, often not even telling my wife Kim. Some Sundays I’m just not in the mood to go to church. There are Sundays I just don’t want to go to church. I am sure you have experienced this; the weekend is finally here. Friday and Saturday came and went, and inevitably, Sunday morning rolls around. If you’re like me, the thought of going to church is somewhere in your mind – even if it’s waaay far back there. You know you should go, but this is your day off, and you’re tired. And let’s be honest – forgetting the alarm and then just watching from the couch in your PJs can sound a lot more appealing.

So, what keeps me walking through the doors of Messiah regardless of my mood. Simple, it is the knowledge that church isn’t about me. Church is about the One who left the comfort of His home to hang out with people like me— a common, self-centered, maybe a bit irritating, and human.  I feel that our faith is something to be proud of. Attending church is a habit that blesses our lives and produces positive results. It Helps us to understand what we are dealing with, or at least gain a better perspective. In tough times especially, you will find that attending church is full of benefits and only one outcome – a good one. It’s uplifting, motivating, and inspiring.

Going to church is not just about walking into the building, it is so much more. Going to church means you become part of our family. Attending a service is not something you do by yourself, when you attend, we worship together, we sing together, we pray together, and it is a reminder that we are not alone. When we worship together, those we worship with on a regular basis may become some of your closest friends. The people you see every Sunday will look for you to say hello. They will miss you if you aren’t there. They will keep you in their thoughts in prayers in a time of need. They will encourage and support you. They are Family

I have a question, in the chaos of our everyday lives, do you ever long for peace, quiet, and reverence? When we attend church, we’re transported to a place of worship and peace. I’m always amazed at the peaceful feeling that washes over me the moment I walk into the building. It’s a place of calm and a place of joy. Attending church allows us to feel at peace and gives us respite from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. It’s a fresh start for the next seven days. Practicing your faith, consistently, is something to be proud of. You will be challenged, you will learn, you will grow, and it’s a good example for those around you.

When we go to church, we’re given a greater sense of purpose and meaning. We can see the history of what has led us up to this point and the promise that lies in our future even beyond this world. Church helps us revisit the larger narrative of life and the reasons to hold on and keep the faith.

So, you may be asking yourself, what is Charlie trying to say. I guess it all boils down to this, we here at Messiah have always been a church with strong relationships, that cares and watches out for each other, and I miss seeing many of you every Sunday, just like the good old days. I hope you stop and say Hi, I miss you all.

It’s only Wednesday, but Sundays comin’.


Charlie Radabaugh

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