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Council Corner – Charlie Radabaugh

President’s Annual Report to the Congregation:

The arrival of a new year is often filled with complicated emotions. We get eager to think of all there is to do in the coming year, yet we may still feel disappointed about things that we didn’t get done in 2021. There were many things that we were able to accomplish this past year, and yes, there are some things that we have put off for another year, and other things with which we have not done so well. I know that if we dwell on the negative and hang onto the past too much, we will all miss new opportunities, new relationships, and new possibilities. So, let’s look forward to 2022 with open minds and expectant hearts.

I want to first thank the church staff who have over the last 2 years worked in demanding conditions. They dealt with concerns over the health of our congregation and wanting to open the doors wide. They grappled with finding a balance to serve our churches mission and our community with the ever-changing COVID requirements. Thank you, Pastor Chuck, Pastor Susan, Tia, Pam, Lynne, Katie, and Jan. This staff has done such amazing work over the past years, and I thank you for your service and dedication to our church.

I want to remind you of our accomplishments over the past year. This last year was challenging, yet we have survived, oh, good grief, what am I saying, we did more that survive! We thrived and achieved so much in the past year. Despite the unpredictability of it all, we still managed to get through 2021 in a way that will bring positive and lasting changes here at Messiah. We regathered and continue to hold services on Sunday, we brought back our music programs, Bells and Chorale. We never stopped serving meals to the Auburn Community. Financially, this is the second year in a row that your generosity has allowed us to end with a positive balance. Thank you all for your support, you are all amazing.

Because of the hard work, of the individuals listed below we have extended the call for a Pastor of Faith Formation, and she has accepted. Pastor Bridget Jones will be on staff starting March 1st, 2022. I want to thank the members of each of the teams that worked on our search for a Pastor of Faith Formation.

  • The Faith Formation Task Force: Anne Baunach, Sarah Caffoe, Kam Chamberlain, Wendy Doman, Christi Gillette, Joe Hamell, Ruth Anne Henderson, Alex Littlefield, Kim Radabaugh and Sandi Wollum.
  • The Transition Team: Jonathan Baunach, Heather Caffoe, Nova Fergueson, Joe Hamell, and Anna McAlpin.
  • The Call Committee: Anne Baunach, Dan Fergueson, Christi Gillette, Joe Hamell, Lauren Mendez, Ryan Monsen, and Sandi Wollum. Messiah Lutheran Church thanks you for your service.

Thank you to the church council who over the last year provide leadership to this congregation. It has been a year that challenged us as we pushed forward towards our new normal. Thank you to: Joshua Luebke (Vice President), Anne Baunach (Secretary), Janene Nelson (Treasure), Jonathan Baunach, Dan Fergueson, Dave Foss, Mike McLaughlin, and Sandi Wollum. Thank you for your service.
Thank you all for permitting me to serve as your council president. It truly has been an honor and privilege to work with such an amazing congregation.


Charlie Radabaugh, Congregation President

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