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Council Corner: Charlie Radabaugh

Dear Messiah family and friends,

I want to thank Savannah Phelan, our Director of Faith Formation. Savannah has been with us for over two years, and I remember when we interviewed her. The interview made it easy for us to decide and bring her on board.

As you all may be aware our time with Savannah is short and she will no longer be on staff in a couple of weeks. The impact Savannah has had here is amazing and something that we should all be thankful for. When we brought Savannah on board, we were excited as she exhibited such a passion for the position and all that she would bring to it, and she did not disappoint.

In my mind and heart, a special place is reserved for what I will call heroes of the faith. While Christians are certainly not to seek applause and publicity for charitable acts and contributions to the Lord’s ministry, God’s choice servants deserve recognition and appreciation for working well and diligently for the Lord. During her time here at Messiah. I have deeply appreciated the work Savannah has done, she persistently and patiently walked the walk of service. What Savannah has done here at Messiah is amazing and impactful, we are thankful for her time here.

Any departure is tough, since Savannah has been here, she has been loved by an amazing chorus of friends that God granted in her ministry. Savannah loved the ministry, the students, her teammates, and the families. I know that Savannah will be missed here, and she will continue to be loved by these people as she moves forward.

We are thankful to you Savannah for following the Lord’s leading and moving forward with joy into this work. It’s clear that you believe faith formation is a vital ministry and a worthy calling. Thank you for thinking “outside the box” in considering ways to grow this important ministry and for thinking creatively about new ways to love, teach, and mentor our youth

We are thankful for your love for Jesus. We know that there are many aspects of this calling that are uniquely challenging, and at times wearisome, but your love for Jesus is evident and it overflows onto these kids. Because you love Jesus, you can love our kids. For that, we are eternally grateful.

Thank you for faithfully, graciously sharing, and living the Gospel.  Messiah Lutheran is eternally grateful for you, and hope you feel loved and encouraged as you move forward in new adventures.

So, if you get a chance, please drop Savannah a note or email thanking her for her service here. She will be greatly missed, and we continue to support and pray for Savannah as she moves forward with life’s new adventures.


Charlie Radabaugh

Messiah Council President

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