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Council Corner: Dave Carlsen

Staying Connected Through Small Groups


Vicky and I joined Messiah in 2014 after attending as visitors for close to a year.  Shortly after joining, we were asked if we would like to join a small group.  We had been attending the first service and found the congregation to be warm and friendly, but we wanted a way to become more involved and to have fellowship with people outside of the Sunday service.  When we received the invitation, we accepted without hesitation.

Fast forward to 2020 and COVID-19.  Who knew that for the better part of 2020 we would be social distancing, sheltering in place, and Zooming with others as a way to worship and stay connected?

We have found our small group to be a wonderful opportunity to fellowship with others even though we are unable to meet in person.  We have Zoom Bible study meetings twice a month and it has been a great way to stay connected, even if only virtually.  We are grateful that we live in an age where we can stay connected with others in a virtual world.  We can’t begin to imagine how lonely it must have been during the pandemic 100 years ago. 

Small groups provide an opportunity to fellowship and stay in touch with others, to get to know others that attend Messiah, but don’t attend the same service you attend, or, considering this virtual world we find ourselves in today, build new connections.  Groups study the Bible or a topical study, share concerns and prayer.  If you are interested in joining, or starting a small group, please contact Ruthanne and Jamie Henderson at or        (253) 709-9564.


Update on Associate Pastor call: 

Council has selected a transition team to work with the Synod as the first step in selecting a call committee for an associate pastor.  Much of the work the Synod requires to initiate the call process was done through the Faith Formation Task Force and the information gathered by this team will be sent to the Synod.  We hope to begin the call process as early as February 2021.



Dave Carlsen, Council Vice President



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