Kim and I have been members since 1985, and our 3 children (Brian, Michael, and Daniel) grew up going to Messiah. 

I'm retired from Boeing, and Kim is still teaching at Lea Hill.

We see generosity at work at Messiah. 

We see so many wonderful, caring people, and see so many kids within our walls learning and growing up with strong character and faith.  We've seen the impact of shopping for a family of 9 so they can celebrate Christmas instead of dreading it.  We've heard the gratitude of families getting help from our mission efforts.  We see how many benefit from our weekly community meals.  We see kids benefitting from our youth scholarships.  Then there's the food and clothing bank,  God's Work Our Hands,  Mission Sunday, and so much more.

This year, in addition to our monthly giving, we will be donating a challenge gift to the church to help support all that Messiah does. 

We ask that you prayerfully consider this too.  We're also challenging church members to make donations to local charities that are struggling to meet increased needs without being able to hold fund raising events.  We have chosen to make a donation to Vine Maple Place.  They provide struggling parents and their children a place to live while helping them become self-sufficient.  We love what they do.  I'm sure the church could recommend many other local organizations that could use some extra help as well.

God has blessed our lives so much... how can we not pass that on? 

What can we do to show others what believing and following Christ really means?  How can we help Messiah do that?  Donate?  Volunteer?  Bring people in to see God's grace for themselves?  Get out and help others?

Trying to keep Christ first...

Dave Foss, Messiah Council Member

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