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Council Corner: Janene Nelson

Hello Messiah Family,

I am constantly amazed at what we at Messiah have accomplished during a year of pandemic.  Our online worship services continue to be such a blessing to me.  Pastor Chuck and the staff do an amazing job every week.  In addition to the worship services, we have options like Sunday School, AOB and Bible Studies.  

However, we have neighbors who need something else in this pandemic. Food.  One of Messiah’s key ministries, the Food Bank and Community Meals Program, is there to help.  These programs have helped so many of our Auburn neighbors this past year.  Many of these people had never suffered from food insecurity before.  It can be hard to ask for help that first time.  But we have some very dedicated volunteers that make it so much easier.  They also make sure there is enough food available.  As a congregation we are blessed to have these special people in our midst.

I know that not being present at the church may not bring these programs or the people they serve to mind.  But the need is great.  Drive by the church late some Thursday afternoon and you will see the line of people waiting for the “grab and go” community meal.  It is very humbling.

We now need your help.  In years’ past, funding came from the side aisle offering.  With no in-person worship services, there is no visual reminder to donate to these important programs.  In 2020, donations met the needs of these programs. However, 2021 is starting out well below 2020 and lower than what is necessary to meet the need.

Please consider adding Community Assistance to a part of your normal offering. You can also make a special one-time gift.  Or perhaps you would like to include in you Easter Offering this year.  However you decide to donate, you will be helping your Auburn neighbors.

Thank you and God Bless,

Janene Nelson, Council Treasurer

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