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Council Corner: Janene Nelson

I love the holidays! Any kind of celebration, really.

For our family, Autumn is a busy time of year. All the birthdays in our immediate family, including our grandkids, occur between September and December. Then you have all the normal holidays, like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Any time we can get together to celebrate with family and friends is a joyous occasion. 
As a congregation, we know this to be true.  Just being in a worship service is a way to celebrate. But celebrating, or any activity really, has become different in 2020, in the age of COVID-19. How do we keep celebrating? How do we remain joyful?

I like to think that celebrating is a way to honor God.

I believe it is how we rise above during this season of COVID-19. It is so easy to get caught up in the negative that we forget that God is in everything, even COVID-19. Celebrating even the small things helps us overcome the negative. I know every Sunday I am celebrating as I sing along during worship. The on-line services Pastor Chuck and the staff bring to us each week are a wonderful example of celebrating. And we have other opportunities too, with Sunday school, bible studies, and more. 

There is a special reason to celebrate on Sunday, November 15.  This is the celebration of our Stewardship Statements of Intent. 

As you know, our Stewardship Campaign is ending and now is the time to celebrate the generosity of the congregation. The Stewardship Committee and the Church Council want to say thank you. Thank you! Let’s see if we can continue to find ways to celebrate every day. 

Janene Nelson

Council Treasurer  

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