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Council Corner: Jonathan Baunach

As we start to head into April and look ahead to the upcoming summer and fall, I just wanted to give an update on the Transition Team as we are completing the first steps to call a new associate pastor. I want to start by saying “Thank You!” to everyone who helped us gather information on the congregation, whether that was through our mailed survey, online survey, listening sessions, or a combination of those three. We got a lot of really important information for not only ourselves but for Messiah as a whole during this time.

Our next step, as a transition team, is taking all of that information from the survey and writing our Ministry Site Profile (MSP). The MSP is basically a job description that talks about what Messiah is like along with what our specific wants and needs are for the new associate pastor. We have spent the past few weeks going through the MSP and carefully writing and then editing all of our responses to help attract the right candidates to the position.

We will be finishing up the MSP in the next few weeks. From there, we will be sending the MSP to the council for their approval. Once it gets approved, it will get posted and distributed to all of the potential candidates and then the work will be passed to the call committee who will then be going through the candidates to find the best fit for Messiah.

Again, I just, on behalf of the entire transition team, say “Thank you!” for all of the support that the congregation has given us as we have been working and we are excited to see who the call committee finds!

Jonathan Baunach, Council Member

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