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Council Corner – Memorials Committee


You will be seeing a few minor changes in council corner over the next couple months. We will be asking teams or committees within the church to provide us all with a status update on their committee. We are looking for ways to keep the congregation informed and aware of activities or opportunities within the church. The following information was provided by the Memorials Committee.

Messiah Memorial Committee

The Messiah Church Council at their February 2021 meeting approved creation of a new Memorials Committee to reenergize the memorials giving process and appointed three individuals to the committee. Memorial contributions are monetary gifts given by individuals to Messiah Lutheran Church in remembrance of a church member, friend, or neighbor at his or her death.

The Memorial Committee is to ensure memorial funds are used in a timely manner for the mission and ministry of Messiah Lutheran. During 2020 we have lost members and friends (NM) that we may wish to honor with a monetary gift in their memory. Memorial funds play an important part in fulfilling the ministry of Messiah in such areas as youth scholarships, music, worship, and property improvements. The committee will work to ensure these funds are donated into areas of ministry in a timely manner and report that to the Council and congregation. Please consider honoring someone who died this past year with a Memorial Fund gift.

Date of Death    Name

01/02/2020         Marcia Nash

01/21/2020         Frank Nelson (NM)

02/14/2020         Casey Gunderson

02/29/2020         Marjorie Sherrard (NM)

04/17/2020         Harold Hansen

06/02/2020         Jewel Gilcrease (NM)

05/07/2020         Marcia Hoover

06/21/2020         Everett Rom

09/05/2020         Diane Dodd

09/07/2020         Blanche Swalling

09/10/2020         Wilma Tipton

09/27/2020         Brent Kirkpatrick

11/14/2020         Donald Minnick

12/09/2020         Frances Irene Gordon

12/10/2020         Robert A. Ostlund

Members, committees, ministry teams, organizations, church staff, and pastors of Messiah Lutheran Church are encouraged to provide the Messiah Memorial Team with written statements as to ministry needs and dreams which might be supported through memorial funds.

Committee members,

Mary Berglund Sheilia McLaughlin William Messecar

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