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Council Corner: Mike McLaughlin

Though Covid 19 has made it a little tougher lately, we are still running the Community Meal. We still can’t allow them into the building, but more and more people are showing up for food.

 We set up tables outside of the main entrance and hand out meals in a bag. We provide fruit, vegetables, some kind of desert like cookies or brownies, also some kind of protein. With the weather getting warmer it is easier to get them the protein without having to come up with hot meals all of the time.

 We are now sending out 80 – 90 bagged meals for the people who come to the church, and then we send at least 30 more out for Ray of Hope to provide meals. Ray of Hope also does a Thursday night meal at Messiah.

 One of the harder things right now is finding volunteers to help out with the meals, it’s the same people over and over, and it gets trying on them. We could use volunteers from one person to a family or group that would take a weekend to serve. There are people willing to show you around the kitchen and how things run.

  So even though times are challenging right now, with help from God and His people, we can meet those challenges head on.

 If you would like more info feel free to email me at
If I don’t have the answer, I can get it for you or direct you to the person who has it.

Thanks and God’s Peace,

Mike McLaughlin, Messiah Council Member.

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