Sheilia and I have been members of Messiah for about 12 years, and our daughter Hannah went through Sunday school, AOB, and graduated from Auburn High.

One of the most important ministries to my family is the community meal and feeding as many people as possible. Though Covid 19 has made that a little tougher lately, we are still running the meal.


Although we can’t allow them in the building yet, people are still showing up for food.

We set up tables outside of the main entrance and hand out meals in a bag. We provide fruit, vegetables, some kind of dessert, like cookies or brownies. We also provide some kind of protein, but sometimes it is hard to come up with something warm for them to eat in the cold.

We are sending out 65 to 75 bagged meals for the people who show up to the church.

Then we send about 30 more out for Ray of Hope to provide meals, and they also do a Thursday night meal at Messiah.

So even though times are challenging right now, with help from God and His people, we are meeting those challenges head on.

That’s #LoveJesusStyle, 

Mike McLaughlin

Messiah Council Member







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