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Christmas Eve Download Info

Due to the large number of people across the country who will be streaming some sort of online celebration on Christmas Eve, interruptions and technical issues are highly likely. With that in mind, we’ve created some different viewing options to try and minimize those disruptions.


The first option is to simply watch the Christmas Eve service earlier in the day.

We will make the service available starting at 9:30 am so you can view it at any point throughout the day, with 9:30 – 3:30 being the most reliable window, before traditional services start streaming on the east coast.

The second option for viewing the Christmas Eve service is to download it directly to your computer or device.

Having the video stored locally will allow you to view the service at any time without having to worry about Internet issues. Be aware that video files take up a lot of space, so if you choose this option, make sure you have 2 GB worth of space on your device, or consider downloading directly to a USB thumb drive or external storage device.

1. Click on the link

2. This should open up the video in a new browser tab with a preview window.

3. Go to the upper right-hand portion of the window. You will see 5 buttons above the Activity bar.

4. Click the Download button and the service should start downloading to your device automatically.

Watch the video below for a visual walk-through of the download process

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