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Faith and Fitness Class with Pastor Chuck

In the Fall Pastor Chuck is interested in leading a core strengthening exercise class, with a time of reflective prayer or meditation, and an opportunity for fellowship afterward. He is a Les Mills trained and certified BodyPump instructor and has been developing a wider interest in leading exercises to strengthen the core muscle groups. He is eyeing the upper Gathering Space, near the library, as a good sunny spot to begin the class.

It would be a class for all ages and abilities, persons new to group fitness or veterans, and emphasize the ability of the individual to move at a pace suitable for them. The main requirements would be to bring a yoga mat, water bottle, and a gym towel, and be able to move between standing, kneeling, and lying positions with relative ease. 

Pastor Chuck has always been interested in integrating exercise into faith formation and prayer and meditation. Along with some fellowship after, this seems to be one of a number of ways Messiah and friends can begin to regather in person with one another again.

He is going to begin a time of vacation on Saturday, June 19th. He will be back in the office on Monday, July 19th. At that time he will send out a survey to gauge the interest of the Messiah community, along with some potential ideas for an initial time during the week to offer the class. If there is good interest, he could even offer a morning class and an evening class at different times during the week. Think about whether this would be of interest and look for a survey in July.

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