Messiah’s Weekly Rhythm

During this time of pandemic, Messiah’s weekly rhythm revolves around our Sunday morning livestream of worship, church website, and our social media presence on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.

In pre-pandemic times, our weekly rhythm would manifest itself through the physical coming and going of church members, friends, and neighbors in and out of the building. We continue, though, to share in the same compassionate, joy-filled, and service-centered relationships we have always nurtured. Now, it’s just mostly virtual instead of physical.

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Rhythm is an interesting idea during a pandemic.

Although we livestream worship at 9:30am on Sunday mornings, many connected with Messiah will watch and worship by finding the service’s recording on our website or Facebook page. They enjoy this weekly, spirit-filled hour as it fits into their schedule.

Holy Communion is celebrated as part of every Sunday morning worship service.

To prepare, create a simple table of welcome wherever you are. Set out a tablecloth with a candle, small cross, or a bible on it. This will help mark your table as both sacred and inviting. Gather some bread and wine, or grape juice if you prefer. Appoint a table host who can serve those gathered for communion. If you are by yourself, you are both host and guest, always connected to the larger table of our Lord.

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Our website and Constant Contact emails keep everyone informed as to what is going on.

Check them out, or look for updates on Facebook and Instagram, and join in for Zoom education and fellowship events.

Of course, we do try to gather physically, as we are able and in compliance with current Washington State guidelines.

A lot of these gatherings have been service related in our community. Once again, check out our website and social media.

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