Building a Culture of Generosity

As we experience the generosity of God, it has a tremendous effect on our lives.

Even during this difficult year of pandemic, we continue to experience God’s generosity in so many ways. It is changing us! We are innovating, exploring, and turning from our old, selfish ways to God’s more generous ways. We are building a culture in which we are finding we have a deep, inherent need to give. To give is to live!


Recognize Your Need to Give

It is a fundamental spiritual and psychological principle that life and its gifts are to be used and shared.

Life cannot be hoarded, or it turns in upon itself and you lose it. “Whoever would save his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.” (Matthew 16:25) We each have a deep, inherent need to give. To give it to live!

Unfortunately, instead of focusing on our own need to give, all too often we center on the need of the church to receive.

The church does seek our supports, but we must remember it is God’s Church. It will prosper and flourish in God’s own good time, whether we give to it or not. The wonder of it all is God invites us to be a part of God’s church! And—as we are invited—to experience the joy and blessing of generously supporting and extending its mission.

Just like a coin, Christian giving has two sides.

For too long, we centered mostly on the side entitled The Need of the Church. We need to begin concentrating on the side headed My Need to Give, for giving is an integral part of spiritual life and growth.