Our Mission


Create A Culture Where Everyone Feels Welcome

We are excited about the work we do and cherish the community we share through life’s ups and downs.

We want to share this community with new people, and we want to change and grow with their presence. 

We commit ourselves to engage with people outside our community, as well as people within Messiah. 

We will create a welcoming culture and ensure that each person receives the message: There is a place for you here!


Develop Quality Relationships With Partners In A Changing Community

We recognize that the Auburn community and its population are changing.


We care about people and want to provide meaningful resources; therefore, we continue to look for mission-compatible partners.

We acknowledge as a church family that we have limited resources.


To fully implement our mission, we are reaching out to other organizations in the community to form strategic partnerships.


Provide Numerous Ways To Live Into God’s Call

As a congregation, we will identify a vision for living into Micah 6:8.


We will provide opportunities to help congregants discern their Christian calling for service.


These opportunities will be made available through worship and established and emerging small groups.

Through multiple opportunities to serve, we will engage diverse groups of people within Messiah to have the passion and ability to serve others and glorify God.


Cultivate Abundant Opportunities To Grow In Faith

We cultivate lively growth in faith for individuals bound together on a journey in a diverse and exciting church community.

We envision a community alive with the desire to know and follow Jesus.


We create this community by fully sharing who we are with one another, through respectful conversation and kind action.

We commit ourselves to join in sharing our stories, hearing scripture, praying, and discerning God’s call to action in our lives.