Endowment Giving

The Messiah Lutheran Church Endowment Fund, created in 1993, is established to provide funds for those religious and social service purposes not supported by the normal budgeted operations and programs of Messiah Lutheran Church.

The Fund supports ministries of Messiah Lutheran Church, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, or public charities duly organized and operated to carry on religious and social service activities. This support includes, but is not limited to the following types of religious and social service ministries:


Local, Regional, and World Projects


Seminary Scholarships


Enhance MLC Ministries and Missions Beyond the General Budget

Capital Projects

Major Renovations and Building of New Facilities

Messiah’s Endowment Fund was created to provide everlasting support and funding for our church’s ministry and the ministry of the world-wide church as well. It is designed to sustain us for decades to come.

Beneficiaries of Past Endowment Funds

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Financial Support for Seminary Students


Scholarship Funds for College Students


Financial Support for New Church Starts: Living Branch Lutheran, Community Christian Center, Etc.


Financial Support for Missions: Prison Ministries, Etc.


Enhanced Financial Support for Church Ministries Beyond the Scope of the General Budget

How can I create a gift through Messiah’s Endowment Fund?

Write a check made payable to MESSIAH LUTHERAN CHURCH and note on the check to ENDOWMENT FUND or ENDOWMENT FUND IN MEMORY OF ___________.

Designate a specific dollar amount or percentage of assets to the Endowment Fund in your will.

Name the Endowment Fund as a beneficiary of your IRA or Pension Fund Plan.

Gift your annual minimum required distributions of your donor advised fund or foundation to the Endowment Fund.

Designate a loved one’s memorial gifts to be given to the Endowment Fund.

Purchase a new life insurance policy naming the Endowment Fund as a beneficiary or as a partial beneficiary. Name the Endowment Fund as a beneficiary to an existing life insurance policy.

Talk to your financial advisor/legal counsel about naming the Endowment Fund in a Charitable Trust. Encourage family members and friends to consider leaving gifts to the Endowment Fund.