Care Team Ministry

Messiah Care Team Ministry

Care Team Ministry at Messiah is sharing, in word and deed, the good news of God’s love for all of us in Christ. Care Team Ministry works when members and friends of Messiah both share their gifts and ask for help when help is needed. Below are names and contact information for the six major areas of caring under the umbrella of Care Team Ministry. If you have a gift to share, volunteer. If you are in need of help, ask. Care Team Ministry is for all of us together!


Area Coordinators’ Contact Information

Transportation: Lynne Inman, 253.833.5280,

Transportation: Carmen Ode, 253.833.4524,

Small Tasks: Connie Stone, 253.862.7116,

Visitation: Doreen Shaver, 253.737.7284,

Visitation: Carol Messecar, 253.638.9692,

Meals: Judy Ruud, 206.948.9420,

Cards: Judy Ruud, 206.948.942,

Calls: Carmen Ode, 253.833.4524,