Adult Faith Formation

Bible Study on Exodus

Pastor Chuck will be leading a Bible study on the Book of Exodus.

Exodus Bible Study: How to Prepare

1. Look through the Bible material mentioned for each Thursday. You can read all, skim, or just find material within it that seems interesting to you. Each day has a specific theme we will follow.

2. Note any specific character, event, or location that you want to follow up on in our group conversation.

3. I will have some specific questions and ideas, but they will pertain to the theme of the day.


April 22: Exodus 1-4 – Go Down, Moses!

April 29: Exodus 5-11 – Let My People Go!

May 6: Exodus 12:1-15:21 – Passover and Yahweh’s Reign

May 13: Exodus 15:22-18:27 – From Egypt to Sinai

May 20: Exodus 19-20 – The Character of the Community

May 27: Exodus 21-24 – Covenant Laws and Ceremony

June 3: Exodus 25-31 – Tabernacle Instructions

June 10: Exodus 32-34 – Sin & Forgiveness & Renewal: Oh My!

June 17: Exodus 35-40 – Tabernacle Construction


The Bible Study will be offered once a week.

The Bible study will be on Thursday mornings at 11:00am to 12:00pm. 

If you have questions, email Pastor Chuck at

Thursday Morning Zoom Invite

Meeting ID: 826 7029 9226


Ready to challenge yourself and deepen your faith?

God-Talk is a new, Sunday evening conversation for Messiah members and friends. It will be a time to dig into the heart of Christian faith and life as we ask each other, “What does it really mean to love God with all your heart, soul, strength, and mind?”

Based on recorded interviews and conversations with leading pastors and theologians, this Sunday evening time will allow us to respond to matters in which people of faith are really struggling.

This is in regard to both reading the Bible and exploring theology. Some of the conversations will be challenging! However, the goal is for all of us to examine where we are in regard to our faith and living a life following Jesus. There is no requirement that we all think the same! Instead, we will consider how our differences actually strengthen and propel the mission of the community of faith.

The first God-Talk conversation of 2021 will be on Sunday evening, January 10.

We will begin at 7:00pm and end by about 8:15pm. The Fall session will conclude on December 17.

If you have questions, email Pastor Chuck at