Regathering at Messiah

Regathering Timeline

During the month of April, small groups of up to 12 persons may gather at Messiah for informal fellowship, prayer activities, Bible studies, and service activities, such as quilting.

All posted (both in print and electronic) guidelines will be observed, and each group that gathers will need a trained COVID-19 Supervisor to ensure the group’s compliance with Messiah’s adopted health and safety practices. If your group would like to start meeting in April, please contact Pastor Chuck or Pam Downing to arrange a time to train your group’s Covid supervisor.

In May, small groups will continue to meet and training/practice for in-person worship will begin.

Sunday morning worship in May will be open to specific small groups, in order that the Worship Hospitality Team can learn and practice procedures to ensure the safety of everyone attending in-person worship. More information about May in-person worship and the Worship Hospitality Team will be made available in April.

On the first Sunday in June, in-person worship will be opened to all congregation members and friends.

The number of worshippers in the building, along with specific worship practices, will be decided based on state and county guidelines in effect at that time. As we begin in June, there will not immediately be indoor fellowship. However, the church council will continue to monitor state guidelines and make decisions in regard to indoor fellowship over the course of the summer.

The church council is excited to begin this phased-in approach to re-gathering.

It will take some time and training, but we will re-gather as safely as possible as an in-person community. As the summer progresses, modifications will be made and hopefully, the guidelines for gathering will become more natural for our church community.

Finally, the council recognizes that a small, yet significant percentage of our church members and friends do not have access to the internet and have not been able to join in the live-streaming of worship.

As a matter of equity, the council has stated that it desires to prioritize those who have no internet access during the weekly worship registration process once June arrives. Watch for further details on how to make your intention to worship known and the means by which you can sign-up to attend a service of worship.

If you have questions about how the process of re-gathering is proceeding, watch for updates in Constant Contact.