Katie Walda (she/her)

Keyboardist, Organist, Handbell Director

Role at Messiah

Katie serves as the Keyboardist/Organist at Messiah. She is also the Director of the Handbells Ensemble.


Katie grew up in Florissant, Missouri, north of St. Louis. She moved to San Francisco Bay after graduating from high school.w


Katie went to both a Lutheran grade school and a Lutheran high school. Her roots are deep in the Lutheran church! Her early organ studies were with Dr. Victor Freuedenberg. Katie then studied with Dr. Paul Manz, who was her strongest influence in hymn playing and leading the congregation. Other organ instructors were David Babbitt and Dr. Philip Manwell, and her vocal studies were with Sally Mote Yaffe. 


Katie's biggest passion is drawing people deeper into their faith through music. She loves when someone tells her that a hymn or some prelude touched their heart. Music IS worship and can make your spirit soar! Soli Deo Gloria!

Fun Facts

Katie has the most amazing son, Matt, and the most beautiful daughter-in-law, Max. Her sweet mom will be 90 in December of 2020 and loves to beat her at SkipBo frequently. Katie's friends try to keep her on the straight and narrow, which is hysterical at times, but they keep trying! She is very fond of her clapping monkey.