FaithWalk:  A Journey of Transformation and Renewal

If you desire to deepen relationships with other followers of Jesus, experience transformation in your own life, and practice intentional time in community, then FaithWalk is a process for you.  This is not a traditional new member class.  Rather, it is a joyful time of exploration and deep reflection.

The FaithWalk journey is divided into four segments, each of which has its own unique purpose and goal.

  1. Inquire:  In the first segment of the journey, each participant shares their faith stories and their faith questions.  It is not a time for answers, but it is a time for building relationships with others and recognizing that a faithful life is build on trust in God and not cheap and easy answers to hard questions.
  2. Go Deeper:  Next, those in FaithWalk learn to practice some of the deep disciplines of the faith.  We hear scripture together.  We practice praying together.  As we grow closer together in community, we begin to recognize that followers of Jesus are not divided by their differences.  Rather, we begin to grow closer while maintaining our uniqueness and retaining our individuality.
  3. Explore:  This stage of the journey is geared toward looking a the specifically Lutheran take on faith and life.  Lutherans are a little different from other Christian communities of faith.  Here, we will explore some of these differences (and the occasional similarity), and see where we do (or do not) align with some of the historical directions of the Christian faith.
  4. Ponder:  In the final segment of the journey, participants ask and seek answers to questions of vocation.  It is a time seek an understanding about how our passion and skills, time and talents can meet some of the world’s deepest needs.

The next FaithWalk journey at Messiah is scheduled to begin in the spring of 2019.  Below is a schedule for the process.  If you have questions about FaithWalk, or are curious about how to begin, contact Pastor Chuck Harris through this website.

Spring FaithWalk 2019

Wed, 02/27 – Inquiry

Wed, 03/06 – Inquiry and Ash Wednesday Service

Wed, 03/13 – Inquiry 

Sat, 03/16 – What Lutheran’s Believe 1 (9:00am – noon)

Sun, 03/17 – Rite of Welcome

Wed, 03/20 – Scripture & Prayer

Wed, 03/27 – Scripture & Prayer

Wed, 04/03 – Scripture & Prayer

Sun, 04/07 – Rite of Renunciation of Evil and Presentation of Worship Book

Wed, 04/10 – Scripture & Prayer

Sat, 04/13 – What Lutheran’s Believe 2 (9:00am – noon)

Sun, 04/14 – Commitment to Prayer and Presentation of Bible

Wed, 04/17 – Scripture & Prayer

Sat, 04/20 – Baptism/Affirmation at the Vigil of Easter Service

Wed, 04/24 – Vocation

Wed, 05/01 – Vocation

Sun, 05/05 – Rite of Affirmation of Vocation