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Culture of Generosity Update

You are Generous!

Messiah members and friends are declaring their generosity for next year, and the initial return of Statements of Intent show positive growth in generosity!

As of Sunday, November 14, our Celebrating a Culture of Generosity Campaign has received 77 Statements of Intent.  That is exciting! Thank you to all who have returned their intent statements. We are anticipating a good number more Statements of Intent to be returned these last days of November and into early December. Our finance team and church council will be calling Messiah members with friendly reminders to return statements over the next couple of weeks.

Some initial observations:

– Of the Statements of Intent received, 45% have shown an increase in generosity and 40% are maintaining their level of giving.

– Of all those households that have made a Statement of Intent for 2022 (increase, same, decrease) the average change is a 14% increase in generosity.

– Of those households that made a commitment last year, and are increasing for 2022, the average increase is 41%, with an incredible range between 4% and 550%!

– 13 households are increasing their giving between 2% and 9%.

– 11 households are increasing between 10% and 19%.

– 15 households are increasing their giving by 20% and above.

Thank you for your generosity. We are well on our way to providing our youth and family members with great faith formation ministry; our senior members with enhanced Care Team Ministry, which includes the beginning of a quarterly caregiver’s luncheon, and our neighbors experiencing food insecurity ongoing access to community suppers and the Wednesday Food Bank.

If you have not yet responded, please mail your Statement of Intent today, or complete our online form.