Teams and Committees

Church Council:  Members who wish to serve on the church council must be elected at an annual meeting and agree to serve a 3-year term.  The church council has general oversight of the life and activities of the congregation.

Stewardship Team: This team encourages people to see themselves as stewards of God’s gifts.  We want each person involved with Messiah to participate in the community in four specific ways:

  1. Worship
  2. Financial Support of the Church
  3. Fellowship with Others in Christian Education
  4. Service to the Church and/or the Community

Evangelists Team: Our evangelists share the good news of God’s grace, both within our congregation and with people outside.  Evangelism is a part of every faithful Christian’s life.  The task of this team is not to replace the work of all our members, but to teach, inspire, and give a vision for the congregation’s evangelism.

Social Ministry Team: Our social ministry team helps to coordinate the many outreach programs in our congregation.  Our Wednesday Food Bank, our Sunday Community Dinner, our Christmas Hampers Program, and many others coordinate with this team.

Building & Property Team: This team ensures that our physical facilities are in good working order in service to our mission.  Most work happens at monthly work parties on Saturday mornings.

Finance Team: Our finance team tracks the congregational budget and makes recommendations to the church council as necessary.

Prayer Team:  The purpose of the Prayer Ministry team is to pray for all the Pastors, leaders, church economy, church staff, church management, outreach ministry to the community, and all of the other ministry teams involved with the Messiah Makes a Difference Campaign. All prayer warriors welcome.

Personnel Team: Our personnel team is a constitutionally mandated team that addresses staffing issues.  This team is not responsible for hiring/firing of staff members.  Rather, it creates job descriptions and makes recommendations to the church council based on communication with staff members and special committees.

Audit Committee: The audit committee is a constitutionally mandated committee.  It checks all financial procedures annually and reviews financial records. The committee then makes recommendations to the church council on any changes needed to ensure proper checks and balances for the church.

Worship & Music Team: The purpose of the Worship and Music ministry team of Messiah Lutheran Church is to enable worship leaders and the congregation to engage and participate in faithful and meaningful worship. The ministry team meets monthly to discuss ideas and concerns regarding the worship services, the worship spaces, and other issues that affect worship at Messiah Lutheran Church. The team evaluates worship practices to ensure that they are valid and meaningful in the context of Lutheran worship. The ministry team also determines how the funds in the worship and music portion of the budget are allocated throughout the year. As the need arises, the team is involved in the hiring process of the musicians. The ministry team communicates with the church council and other ministry teams and committees, and encourages input and feedback from the congregation.

Art Ministry Team: Our Art ministry team works to constantly improve the interior appearance of our church building.  The team also organizes art fairs within the church.

Christian Education Ministry Team:  The Christian Education Ministry Team oversees the conduct of the adult education program, Affirmation of Baptism program, Sunday school program and the Church library. It encourages the use of teaching and worship materials published or approved by the ELCA, and seeks to introduce the Church’s periodicals and books of family devotions into the homes of the congregation. One of the primary aims of the Christian Education Team is to be to bring the ministry of the Gospel to the youth of the congregation.

Library Team: Our library team oversees the church library in the gathering space, ensuring that books are in order and that the check-in/check-out system is functioning properly.

Endowment Committee: This committee oversees Messiah’s endowment fund, ensuring that we are always using the fund to support Messiah’s mission outside the congregation.  The committee seeks to be a good steward of the money God has entrusted us with by growing the fund year after year and by prayerfully choosing the recipients of scholarships and grantees from the fund.  Endowment committee members are elected by the congregation at annual meetings.

Memorials Committee: When a person designates a donation to Messiah to a specific purpose, the Memorials committee ensures that the donation is accounted for and spent according to the donor’s designation.