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Advent Poem from Pastor Susan: Advent 1

Each week of Advent we will be sharing an original poem written by Pastor Susan Kirlin-Hackett for the season.

She has a collection of Advent poems she has written over the past decade. We will start this week with a poem from 2018.

Good and gracious God,

You know my weariness,

for the world weighs heavy


children long for the remembered touch of parents

people wander among the ruins of cities

families sit, numb, with painful quiet

leaders wrestle with consequences that offer no consolation


the world weighs heavy

yet, You come among us

offering more that I can imagine ~ hope


open my heart ~ for I am unable to make room

for the hope You offer

like the innkeeper of old I am crowded  ~

with sorrow and longing


renew my desire to find rest in Your gracious mercy

weave into my weariness this Hope born among us


Holy Christmas

with peace and some quiet,

Pastor Susan