Categories: Devotionals

Advent III Poem

she stands behind him

her husband, the man stubborn, resolute

she stands tippy-toed behind his broad shoulders

to see who it is that has called out

seeking refuge, a place to rest and wait


“no room,” her husband says, again

louder ~ almost angry

this “no room” booms from his mouth


tippy-toed she stretches and sees her

worn, weary and belly bursting with almost here-ness

standing behind that other husband who has come asking. . .

for a quiet place


Tippy-toed she leans up past broad shoulders to his ear

to whisper, “please,

                        don’t you remember the births that came upon us?”


O, GOD, of heaven and earth

make our hearts remember our own longing for a quiet place

stand us up on tippy-toe that we might make room

for all those who come asking. . .

remembering, always, the Birth that came upon us. . .



Peace and some quiet,

Pastor Susan